Are Card Games Considered Board Games?

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By Eric Wilson

When it comes to the world of tabletop gaming, there are a lot of terms that get thrown around. One common question that comes up is whether card games are considered board games. It’s a valid question, as both types of games involve sitting around a table and playing with friends or family.

So, are card games considered board games The answer is both yes and no, depending on how you define “board game.”

Let’s start with the basics. A board game is any game that involves a playing surface with some sort of markings or layout that players use to move pieces or tokens around. Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, and Chess are all examples of board games.

On the other hand, a card game is any game that uses playing cards as the primary component. Poker, Bridge, and Magic: The Gathering are all examples of card games.

So where does this leave us Well, technically speaking, card games are not considered board games because they don’t involve a playing surface with markings or layouts. However, many people use the term “board game” to refer to any type of tabletop game played with friends and family.

There are also many hybrid games that combine elements of both board and card games. For example, Dominion is a deck-building game where players use cards to build their deck and then use those cards to score points on a central playing area. This blurs the lines between what constitutes a “board” or “card” game.

Ultimately, whether you consider card games to be board games depends on how you define the term “board game.” If you’re using a strict definition based on playing surfaces with markings or layouts, then no – card games aren’t board games. But if you’re using a more loose definition based on social gaming experiences with friends and family, then yes – card games can be considered board games.

In conclusion, the debate over whether card games are considered board games comes down to semantics. While they may not fit the strict definition of a board game, they are still a valuable and enjoyable form of tabletop gaming that shouldn’t be overlooked. So the next time you’re looking for a fun game night with friends and family, don’t be afraid to break out the deck of cards – you might just have a great time playing what some people consider to be a board game.