Can I Install Games on SD Card?

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By Monica Bates

Are you running out of space on your phone or tablet and wondering if you can install games on an SD card? The short answer is – it depends. Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

What is an SD Card?

An SD (Secure Digital) card is a type of memory card that is commonly used in portable devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets. It provides additional storage space for your device and allows you to store more photos, videos, music, and other files.

Why Install Games on an SD Card?

Installing games on an SD card can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it can help free up space on your device’s internal storage. This is especially useful if you have a device with limited storage capacity or if you have many large games installed.

Secondly, installing games on an SD card can also improve the performance of your device. This is because the device’s internal storage may become fragmented over time, leading to slower read and write speeds. By moving some apps to the SD card, you can reduce the load on the internal storage and help improve overall performance.

Can You Install Games on an SD Card?

The ability to install games on an SD card depends on several factors such as the operating system version of your device and the game itself.

If you have an Android device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later, then you can install compatible apps/games directly onto the SD card by default. However, not all apps/games are compatible with this feature.

To check if a game supports installation onto an SD card, go to the game’s page in the Google Play Store and look for the “Expandable Storage” section under “Additional Information”. If it says “Yes” under “Supported”, then you can install it onto your SD card.

For iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, installing games on an SD card is not possible as Apple does not support expandable storage via SD cards.

How to Install Games on an SD Card?

Assuming your device supports installing games on an SD card, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Insert the SD card into your device.
  2. Go to “Settings” > “Storage” and scroll down to the “SD Card” section.
  3. Select “Format as internal” and follow the prompts to format the SD card. This will erase all data on the card, so make sure you have backed up any important files before proceeding.
  4. Once the format is complete, go to the Google Play Store and download/install the game you want to move onto the SD card.
  5. After installation, go to “Settings” > “Apps & notifications” and select the game you want to move.
  6. Select “Storage & cache” and then select “Change” under “Storage used”.
  7. Select “SD Card” as the new storage location for the game and then tap “Move”.


In conclusion, whether or not you can install games on an SD card depends on your device’s operating system version and compatibility with expandable storage. If your device supports it, moving games onto an SD card can free up space and improve performance. Just remember to back up any important data before formatting your SD card.