Can I Use Valve Index Controllers With Vive?

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By Valerie Becker

Are you a Vive owner who is curious about using Valve Index Controllers with your headset? The good news is that it’s possible! However, there are some things you need to consider before making the switch.

First and foremost, let’s talk about compatibility. Valve Index Controllers are designed to work with the Valve Index VR headset. They use a proprietary tracking system called Lighthouse, which is not compatible with the Vive’s tracking system.

However, there is a workaround. If you have a Vive or Vive Pro, you can use the Valve Index Controllers with the help of additional hardware. You will need to purchase two SteamVR Base Stations 2.0 and a compatible USB dongle.

Step-by-Step Guide
Here’s how you can use Valve Index Controllers with your Vive:

Step 1: Purchase Additional Hardware

As mentioned earlier, in order to use Valve Index Controllers with your Vive, you will need to purchase two SteamVR Base Stations 2. You can find these items on the Steam Store or on Amazon.

Step 2: Set Up Your Base Stations

Once you have received your additional hardware, set up your base stations in opposite corners of your play area. Make sure they are mounted securely and at least six feet off the ground.

Step 3: Connect Your USB Dongle

Insert your USB dongle into an available USB port on your computer.

Step 4: Pair Your Controllers

Turn on your controllers by pressing and holding the system button until they vibrate and light up. Then press and hold both A and B buttons until the controllers enter pairing mode.

Open SteamVR on your computer and go to Settings > Devices > Pair Controller. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your controllers with the USB dongle.

Step 5: Test Your Controllers

Once your controllers are paired, test them out in a game or VR experience. Make sure to calibrate your play area in SteamVR settings to ensure accurate tracking.

  • If you experience any issues with your controllers, try resetting them by pressing and holding all buttons for 15 seconds.
  • Keep in mind that some games may not be fully compatible with Valve Index Controllers and may require additional configuration.


In conclusion, while Valve Index Controllers are not officially compatible with the Vive, it is possible to use them with the help of additional hardware. Just make sure to follow the steps outlined above for a smooth transition. Happy gaming!