Can Valve Index Controllers Work With Other VR Headsets?

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By Eric Wilson

Valve Index Controllers have been making waves in the VR community with their advanced features and intuitive design. But one question that many VR enthusiasts have been asking is whether these controllers can work with other VR headsets. In this article, we’ll explore this question and delve into the compatibility of Valve Index Controllers with other VR headsets.

What Are Valve Index Controllers?

Before we dive into the compatibility of Valve Index Controllers, let’s first understand what they are. Valve Index Controllers are hand-held controllers used for virtual reality gaming. They were developed by Valve Corporation in collaboration with HTC for their Vive headset but are also compatible with Valve’s own Index headset.

Compatibility of Valve Index Controllers

Valve Index Controllers are designed to work specifically with the Valve Index headset and its base stations. The base stations are responsible for tracking the movements of the controllers in real-time, which is a crucial component of the immersive VR experience.

However, since these controllers use SteamVR tracking technology, they can be used with other VR headsets that also use this technology. This includes headsets such as HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Vive Cosmos.

Compatibility With Oculus Headsets

Unfortunately, Valve Index Controllers are not compatible with Oculus headsets such as Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest. This is because Oculus uses its own proprietary tracking technology called Oculus Insight Tracking System, which is not compatible with SteamVR tracking used by Valve.

Compatibility With Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Similarly, Valve Index Controllers are not compatible with Windows Mixed Reality Headsets such as Samsung Odyssey or HP Reverb G2. This is because Windows Mixed Reality uses its own tracking technology that is not supported by SteamVR.

How to Use Valve Index Controllers With Other Headsets

While it may not be possible to use Valve Index Controllers directly with other headsets, there are workarounds available. One option is to use third-party software such as OpenVR or Revive, which allows Valve Index Controllers to work with other VR headsets.

Another option is to use a hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds. For example, you can use Valve Index Controllers with a Vive headset but also use Oculus Touch controllers for certain games that require Oculus-specific features.


Valve Index Controllers are a great addition to any VR setup, but their compatibility is limited to headsets that support SteamVR tracking. While it may not be possible to use them directly with other headsets such as Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality, there are workarounds available that allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. As always, it’s important to do your research and make sure you have the right equipment before diving into the world of virtual reality gaming.