Can Valve Index Do 144Hz?

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By Eric Wilson

Valve Index is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets in the market today. It boasts of a wide range of features that make it stand out from its competitors.

One of the most talked-about features is its refresh rate. But can Valve Index do 144Hz? Let’s find out.

What is Refresh Rate?

Before we dive into whether Valve Index can do 144Hz, let’s first understand what refresh rate means. The refresh rate is the number of times per second that an image on a screen is redrawn. A higher refresh rate means a smoother and more responsive display.

The Refresh Rate of Valve Index

Valve Index comes with two refresh rate options – 90Hz and 120Hz. The headset defaults to 90Hz, but users can switch to 120Hz from the settings menu.

Can Valve Index Do 144Hz?

Unfortunately, no. Valve Index cannot do 144Hz.

At least not yet. The headset’s hardware limitation limits the maximum refresh rate to 120Hz.

Why Can’t Valve Index Do 144Hz?

The reason why Valve Index cannot do 144Hz is due to hardware limitations. The display panel used in the headset has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, which means that even if the headset could support higher rates, it would not be able to display them on its current screen.


In conclusion, while Valve Index offers two high refresh rates – 90Hz and 120 Hz – it does not support a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz due to hardware limitations. However, this should not deter you from using this fantastic VR headset as it still provides an immersive and responsive experience even at lower rates.

  • Tip: To get the best experience from your Valve Index, ensure that you have a PC with the recommended specifications and use a DisplayPort 1.2 or better cable.

So, if you were wondering whether Valve Index can do 144Hz, the answer is no. But it still remains one of the best VR headsets in the market, capable of providing an immersive and responsive experience at lower refresh rates.