Can You Buy Video Games With a Gift Card?

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By Ralph Torres

Have you ever received a gift card and wondered if you can use it to buy video games? The answer is yes, you can!

Most gift cards can be used to purchase video games online or in-store, but there are some things to keep in mind before making your purchase. Let’s take a closer look.

Types of Gift Cards Accepted

Firstly, not all gift cards are accepted for video game purchases. The most commonly accepted gift cards are from major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Walmart. These retailers have a wide selection of video games available for purchase both online and in-store.

Online Purchases

If you plan on using your gift card to purchase a video game online, make sure to check the retailer’s website for any restrictions or limitations. Some retailers may only allow a certain amount of gift cards to be used per transaction or may not accept specific types of gift cards.

Once you’ve confirmed that your gift card is accepted for online purchases, simply add the video game to your cart and proceed to checkout. At checkout, select the option to pay with a gift card and enter the card information when prompted.

In-Store Purchases

If you prefer purchasing video games in-store with your gift card, make sure to bring the physical card with you. When you’ve found the game you want to buy, take it to the register and let the cashier know that you would like to pay with a gift card. They will then scan or manually enter the card information into their system.

It’s important to note that some stores may not allow partial payments with a gift card. This means that if the game costs more than the value of your gift card, you’ll need another form of payment for the remaining balance.


In conclusion, yes – most gift cards can be used to purchase video games both online and in-store. However, it’s important to check if the gift card is accepted by the retailer before making your purchase.

Remember to bring the physical card for in-store purchases and check for any restrictions or limitations when making online purchases. With these things in mind, you’ll be able to use your gift card to buy your favorite video games hassle-free!