Can You Play 3DS Games Through SD Card?

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By Eric Wilson

Have you ever wondered if you can play 3DS games through an SD card? The answer is yes, but there are a few things that you need to know before you get started.

What is an SD Card?
An SD card is a small memory card that is commonly used in digital cameras, smartphones, and other portable devices. It is a type of flash memory that can be used to store photos, videos, music, and other types of files.

Can You Play 3DS Games Through an SD Card?
Yes, it’s possible to play 3DS games through an SD card. However, you’ll need to have a few things in order before you can get started.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Nintendo 3DS or 2DS console
  • An SD card with enough storage space for the game(s) you want to play
  • A computer with an SD card reader
  • The game file(s) in .cia format
  • A homebrew application called FBI

Steps to Follow:

1. Download the Game Files in .cia Format

The first step is to find the 3DS game files that you want to play. These files should be in .cia format. You can download them from various websites online.

2. Insert the SD Card into Your Computer

Once you’ve downloaded the game files, insert your SD card into your computer’s SD card reader.

3. Copy the Game Files onto Your SD Card

Next, copy the .cia game files onto your SD card. Make sure that they are saved in a folder on the root of your SD card called “cias.”

4. Install FBI on Your 3DS Console

To install FBI, you’ll need to have a homebrewed 3DS console. If you haven’t already done this, there are plenty of guides online that can walk you through the process.

5. Launch FBI on Your 3DS Console

Once you’ve installed FBI on your 3DS console, launch it from the homebrew menu.

6. Install the Game Files Using FBI

From within FBI, navigate to the “SD” option and find the folder where you saved your .cia game files. Select the game file that you want to install and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

7. Play Your Game!

Once the installation process is complete, you should be able to launch your game from your 3DS console’s home screen.

Playing 3DS games through an SD card is possible with a bit of technical knowledge and effort. Make sure that you follow all of these steps carefully to avoid any potential problems or issues along the way. With a bit of patience and persistence, however, you can enjoy all of your favorite 3DS games without having to carry around multiple cartridges!