Can You Use Full Body Tracking With Valve Index?

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By Eric Wilson

When it comes to VR gaming, full body tracking is the ultimate immersive experience. It allows you to move your entire body and have that movement reflected in the virtual world.

This technology has been around for a while, but not all VR headsets are created equal. So, can you use full body tracking with Valve Index?

The Short Answer:

Yes, Valve Index is capable of full body tracking. However, it requires additional hardware and software to make it work.

The Long Answer:

Valve Index is one of the most advanced VR headsets on the market. It offers high resolution displays, wide field of view, and precise tracking thanks to its base stations. However, when it comes to full body tracking, Valve Index falls short.

Unlike other VR headsets like Oculus Quest or HTC Vive Pro, Valve Index doesn’t come with built-in sensors for full body tracking. Instead, you need to purchase additional hardware called “Valve Index Base Station 2.0” and “Valve Index Controllers” to make it work.

Valve Index Base Station 2.0:

Valve Index Base Station 2.0 is a device that emits infrared light to track the movement of your headset and controllers in 3D space. However, it can also track additional devices like “Valve Index Tracker” which is designed specifically for full body tracking.

Valve Index Tracker is a small device that attaches to your waist or feet and tracks their movement in real-time. It has multiple sensors that capture every movement of your body and transmit that data wirelessly back to your PC.

Valve Index Controllers:

Valve Index Controllers are advanced motion controllers that offer precise finger tracking and haptic feedback. They are essential for playing VR games on Valve Index as they provide a more immersive experience than traditional gamepads.

However, they also play a crucial role in full body tracking. By holding them in your hands, Valve Index can track the movement of your arms and use that data to calculate the position of your body. This means that even without Valve Index Tracker, you can still have some level of full body tracking.


To use full body tracking with Valve Index, you need to install additional software called “SteamVR Tracking”. This software is responsible for processing the data from Valve Index Base Station 2.0 and Valve Index Tracker and translating it into actionable information for your games.

SteamVR Tracking is compatible with a variety of third-party applications that support full body tracking like “Natural Locomotion”, “Vive Trackers Full Body”, and “Driver4VR”. These applications allow you to customize your VR experience and use full body tracking in creative ways.


Valve Index is capable of full body tracking, but it requires additional hardware and software to make it work. By purchasing Valve Index Base Station 2.0, Valve Index Controllers, and Valve Index Tracker, you can have a truly immersive VR experience that reflects every movement of your body.

While it may seem like a costly investment, the benefits of full body tracking are undeniable. It allows you to interact with virtual worlds in ways that were previously impossible and adds a new level of immersion to VR gaming. So if you’re serious about VR gaming, consider investing in full body tracking for your Valve Index headset.