Do I Need DisplayPort for Valve Index?

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By Monica Bates

Are you planning to buy a Valve Index VR headset but wondering if you need DisplayPort to use it? Well, the answer is yes. The Valve Index headset requires a DisplayPort 1.2 or higher connection to run smoothly.

What is DisplayPort?

DisplayPort is a digital display interface that was developed by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). It is designed to connect video sources (such as computers, laptops, and gaming consoles) to displays (such as monitors and VR headsets).

Why does the Valve Index require DisplayPort?

The Valve Index has a high refresh rate of 120Hz which requires a large amount of data transfer between the computer and the headset. DisplayPort provides the necessary bandwidth for this high-speed data transfer while maintaining high-quality video and audio output.


If your computer does not have a DisplayPort output, there are alternatives such as using an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter or upgrading your computer’s graphics card to one that has a compatible DisplayPort output.

It is important to note that using an adapter may not provide the same level of performance as a direct connection. Adapters can introduce latency or reduce the available bandwidth resulting in lower quality video and audio output.


In conclusion, if you want to use the Valve Index VR headset, you will need a computer with a compatible DisplayPort output. This ensures that you can enjoy the high-quality video and audio output with no interruptions or performance issues.

Don’t forget to check your computer’s specifications before purchasing any VR headset so that you can make sure it meets all the requirements for optimal performance. Happy gaming!