Do Vive Trackers Work With Valve Index Base Stations?

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By Eric Wilson

Are you wondering if Vive trackers are compatible with Valve Index base stations? The answer is yes, they are!

What are Vive Trackers and Valve Index Base Stations?

Before we dive into the compatibility between these two devices, let’s first understand what each of them is.

Vive Trackers

Vive Trackers are small devices that can be attached to objects to track their movements in virtual reality (VR). These devices are designed to enhance the VR experience by adding a new level of immersion. With Vive trackers, you can turn everyday objects like guns, swords, and even your feet into VR controllers.

Valve Index Base Stations

Valve Index Base Stations, on the other hand, are sensors that emit infrared light to track the movements of VR headsets and controllers. They use a technology called Lighthouse tracking which allows for precise tracking of movement and positioning in 3D space.

Compatibility Between Vive Trackers and Valve Index Base Stations

Now that we know what these devices are let’s discuss their compatibility.

Vive trackers use Lighthouse tracking technology which is the same technology used by Valve Index base stations. This means that Vive trackers are fully compatible with Valve Index base stations.

If you already have a Valve Index VR setup with base stations, you can easily add Vive trackers to it. Simply connect the trackers to your PC using a USB cable and pair them with your base stations using SteamVR software.

Benefits of Using Vive Trackers with Valve Index Base Stations

Using Vive trackers with Valve Index base stations has several benefits:

  • You can add more objects to your VR experience such as guns, swords, or even full-body tracking.
  • Vive trackers allow for more accurate tracking than traditional VR controllers.
  • You can use multiple Vive trackers at once, allowing for more complex interactions in VR.


In conclusion, Vive trackers are compatible with Valve Index base stations and can be easily incorporated into your existing VR setup. By adding Vive trackers, you can enhance your VR experience and take it to the next level. So go ahead and try it out!