Does HTC Make the Valve Index?

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By Valerie Becker

If you’re a gamer, you might be familiar with the Valve Index, a high-end virtual reality (VR) system with top-of-the-line features. But have you ever wondered who actually makes the Valve Index?

There have been rumors that HTC is the manufacturer behind this popular VR system. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and find out if there’s any truth to these rumors.

What is the Valve Index?

The Valve Index is a VR headset developed by Valve Corporation, an American video game company that is best known for creating popular titles like Half-Life and Portal. The headset was released in 2019 and quickly gained popularity among gamers for its advanced features, including a high-resolution display, advanced hand controllers, and support for room-scale tracking.

Who Makes the Valve Index?

Valve Corporation is the developer of the Valve Index. However, there have been rumors that HTC, a Taiwanese consumer electronics company known for its smartphones and VR headsets, is responsible for manufacturing the device.

Is There Any Truth to These Rumors?

Yes, there is some truth to these rumors. While Valve Corporation handles the design and development of the Valve Index, HTC is responsible for manufacturing some of the components used in the headset. For example, HTC produces the displays used in the device.

Why Does HTC Manufacture Components for Valve?

HTC has been involved in VR technology since 2016 when it released its own VR headset called Vive. The Vive was developed in collaboration with Valve Corporation and uses SteamVR tracking technology developed by Valve. As part of this partnership, HTC manufactures certain components used in both devices.


In summary, while HTC does not make the entire valve index itself it does play a part in its production by being responsible for certain components like displays used in it. Valve Corporation is the primary developer behind the Valve Index, and HTC’s involvement in the manufacturing process is due to its longstanding partnership with Valve in the VR industry. Regardless of who makes the Valve Index, it’s clear that this high-end VR system has set a new standard for immersive gaming experiences and is a popular choice among gamers worldwide.