Does Oculus Quest 2 Come With Any Games?

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By Eric Wilson

Are you planning to buy Oculus Quest 2 but not sure if it comes with any games? The answer is yes!

Oculus Quest 2, the latest VR headset from Facebook, comes with a few pre-installed games and demos. In this article, we will explore what games are included and what to expect from them.

Pre-installed Games

When you purchase an Oculus Quest 2, you will have access to a handful of pre-installed games that come with the device. These games are free and designed to give you a taste of what VR gaming has to offer. Here’s a list of the pre-installed games on Oculus Quest 2:

  • Beat Saber: This game lets you slice and dice through beats as they come at you in time with music. With its catchy soundtrack and simple gameplay, Beat Saber is an excellent introduction to VR gaming.
  • Journey of the Gods: An adventure game set in Greek mythology, Journey of the Gods lets you explore a beautiful world filled with puzzles and combat.
  • Vader Immortal: In this Star Wars-themed game, you play as a smuggler who gets caught up in Darth Vader’s plans. Vader Immortal features lightsaber combat and force powers that make it feel like a true Jedi experience.
  • This sports game lets you play tennis, bowling, or baseball with wacky physics that make the game more fun.


In addition to these pre-installed games, Oculus Quest 2 also comes with several demos that showcase other VR experiences available on the platform. These demos are also free but only give you a limited taste of the full game. Here are some examples of demos available on Oculus Quest 2:

  • Space Pirate Trainer: This demo lets you shoot down waves of enemy ships in a sci-fi setting.
  • Superhot VR: A popular action game, Superhot VR lets you slow down time to dodge bullets and take out enemies in a stylish way.
  • The Climb: In this game, you climb mountains and cliffs using your hands and feet to reach the top.


Oculus Quest 2 comes with several pre-installed games and demos that give you a great introduction to VR gaming. These games range from action-packed shooters to sports games with wacky physics.

Additionally, there are plenty of other games available for purchase on the Oculus store if you want to expand your VR library. Overall, Oculus Quest 2 offers an excellent gaming experience right out of the box.