Does Quest 2 Oculus Come With Games?

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By Valerie Becker

If you’re considering purchasing the Quest 2 Oculus, one of the most common questions you may have is whether or not it comes with games. The answer is yes, but it’s important to understand what exactly comes with the device and what additional games you may want to purchase.

What Games Come with Quest 2 Oculus?

When you purchase a Quest 2 Oculus, it comes pre-loaded with a few games to get you started. These include:

  • Beat Saber: This popular game has players slicing through blocks to the rhythm of music.
  • Vader Immortal: In this Star Wars-themed game, players take on the role of a Jedi and fight against Darth Vader.
  • In this action-packed game, time moves only when the player moves. Players must strategize and move quickly to survive.

Are These Games Enough?

While these games are a great start and can provide hours of entertainment, many users find that they want additional options. Luckily, there are plenty of games available for purchase on the Oculus store. Some popular options include:

  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: In this game based on the popular TV show, players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies.
  • Pistol Whip: This fast-paced game combines music and shooting as players fight their way through levels.
  • Moss: In this adventure game, players control a small mouse navigating through puzzles and obstacles.

How Much Do Additional Games Cost?

The cost of additional games varies depending on the title, but most cost between $10-$30. Some larger titles may cost up to $50. There are also some free games available on the Oculus store, but these tend to be simpler and less immersive experiences.


In conclusion, the Quest 2 Oculus does come with some pre-loaded games, but most users find that they want additional options. The good news is that there are plenty of games available for purchase on the Oculus store, ranging in price from free to $50. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed shooters or more slow-paced puzzle games, there’s something for everyone on the Quest 2 Oculus.