Does the Valve Index Use a Link Box?

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By Ralph Torres

Valve Index is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets available on the market today. It provides a high-end VR experience with its excellent display quality, advanced controllers, and top-notch tracking capabilities.

If you’re considering purchasing a Valve Index, you might be wondering whether or not it comes with a link box. In this article, we’ll explore this question in-depth.

What is a Link Box?

A link box is a small device that acts as an intermediary between your VR headset and your computer. It’s essentially a hub that connects all the necessary cables and devices to ensure that your VR setup works correctly. The link box typically has several ports for connecting HDMI cables, USB cables, and power cords.

Does the Valve Index Use a Link Box?

Yes, the Valve Index does come with a link box. In fact, it’s an essential component of the Valve Index setup. The link box serves several critical functions that allow you to use your headset correctly.

Power Management

One of the primary functions of the link box is to manage power distribution between your computer and your headset. The link box ensures that both devices receive adequate power without overloading any circuits or causing damage.

Cable Management

The link box also serves as a hub for all of the necessary cables in your VR setup. It ensures that all devices are connected correctly and that there are no loose connections or crossed wires.

Device Detection

The Valve Index uses many different devices to provide its advanced VR experience, including controllers and base stations. The link box helps detect all of these devices and ensures that they’re working correctly.


In summary, if you’re planning to purchase a Valve Index, you can rest assured that it comes with a link box included in the package. The link box is an essential component of the Valve Index setup, serving several critical functions, including power management, cable management, and device detection. With the Valve Index’s impressive features and the inclusion of a link box to ensure smooth operation, it’s no wonder why this VR headset is a top choice among virtual reality enthusiasts.