Does the Valve Index Work With 1.0 Base Stations?

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By Eric Wilson

The Valve Index is a high-end virtual reality headset that offers an immersive gaming experience. It comes with two base stations that track the movement of the headset and controllers.

But what if you already have 1.0 base stations from a previous VR setup? Will they work with the Valve Index? Let’s find out.

Compatibility of Valve Index with Base Stations

The Valve Index is compatible with both 1.0 and 2.0 base stations, but there are some limitations to using 1.0 base stations with the headset.

Tracking Area

One of the main differences between 1.0 base stations is their tracking area. The 2.0 base stations have a wider field of view, which allows for a larger play area compared to the 1.0 base stations.

If you use the Valve Index with 1.0 base stations, you may experience tracking issues if you move outside of the recommended play area, which is approximately 13 feet by 13 feet.

Refresh Rate

Another limitation of using 1.0 base stations with the Valve Index is its refresh rate. The headset supports a refresh rate of up to 144Hz when used with two 2.0 base stations, but this drops down to a maximum of 120Hz when used with two 1.

While this may not be noticeable to everyone, competitive gamers and enthusiasts may prefer higher refresh rates for smoother gameplay.

How to Use Valve Index with 1.0 Base Stations

If you still want to use your existing 1.0 base stations with the Valve Index, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Connect your headset and controllers to your PC.
  • Place your base stations in opposite corners of your play area, facing each other.
  • Ensure that the base stations are at least 6.5 feet high and angled downwards towards the center of your play area.
  • Calibrate your headset and controllers using the SteamVR setup process.

Consider Upgrading to 2.0 Base Stations

While using 1.0 base stations with the Valve Index is possible, it’s worth considering upgrading to 2.0 base stations if you want the best VR experience.

Not only do they offer a wider tracking area and higher refresh rates, but they also support more than two base stations for even larger play areas.


The Valve Index is compatible with both 1.0 base stations, but using 1.0 base stations may result in some limitations such as a smaller tracking area and lower refresh rates.

If you already have 1.0 base stations, you can still use them with the Valve Index by following the setup process, but upgrading to 2.0 base stations may offer a better VR experience overall.