Does Valve Vive Index Work?

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By Valerie Becker

Valve Vive Index is a virtual reality headset that has been making waves in the gaming industry. Many people are curious about whether this device lives up to its hype and actually works. In this article, we will explore the features and capabilities of Valve Vive Index to help you decide if it’s worth investing in.

Design and Build Quality

Valve Vive Index boasts of a sleek design that is comfortable to wear for extended periods. The headset has an adjustable strap that can fit any head size, and the padding ensures that there is minimal pressure on the face. The device also comes with a pair of handheld controllers that are ergonomic and easy to use.

Display Quality

One of the most important aspects of any virtual reality headset is the display quality. Valve Vive Index does not disappoint in this regard. It features an LCD display with a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, which provides a clear and crisp image even when viewed up close.

Field of View

The field of view (FOV) on Valve Vive Index is impressive, measuring at 130 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. This means that you can immerse yourself completely in the virtual world without feeling like you’re looking through a narrow window.


Valve Vive Index uses lighthouse tracking technology, which involves two base stations that emit laser beams to track your movements in real-time. This technology is incredibly accurate, allowing for smooth and seamless gameplay without any lag or delay.


As mentioned earlier, Valve Vive Index comes with handheld controllers that are designed specifically for VR gaming. These controllers have built-in sensors that allow for precise tracking of your hand movements, making it feel like you’re actually interacting with objects in the virtual world.


Valve Vive Index is compatible with both SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality platforms, providing access to a vast library of VR games and experiences. The device also works with a variety of PCs, but it’s important to check the minimum system requirements before making a purchase.


Valve Vive Index is undoubtedly one of the best virtual reality headsets on the market right now. Its high-quality display, accurate tracking, and ergonomic design make it perfect for immersive gaming experiences. While it may be expensive, the overall experience is worth the investment if you’re serious about VR gaming.