How Do I Change My IPD Valve Index?

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By Monica Bates

If you own a Valve Index VR headset, you may need to change the IPD (Interpupillary Distance) at some point. The IPD is the distance between your eyes and can affect the quality of your VR experience. Fortunately, changing the IPD on the Valve Index is a simple process that you can do yourself.

What You Will Need

Before you start, you will need a few things:

  • A Valve Index headset
  • The eye relief adjustment tool that came with your headset

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to change your IPD on the Valve Index:

Step 1: Put on Your Headset

Put on your Valve Index headset and adjust it so that it fits comfortably on your head. Make sure that both lenses are centered over your eyes.

Step 2: Locate the Eye Relief Adjustment Dial

The eye relief adjustment dial is located on the bottom of the headset, near where it meets the strap. This dial adjusts the distance between each lens and your eyes.

Step 3: Use the Eye Relief Adjustment Tool to Adjust IPD

Use the eye relief adjustment tool to turn the dial until both lenses are at their maximum distance from each other. You will hear a clicking sound as you turn it.

Step 4: Adjust Each Lens Separately

Now adjust each lens separately until they are at their closest position to your nose without touching it. You can do this by sliding each lens forward or backward using its corresponding eye relief adjustment dial.

Step 5: Check Your New IPD Settings

Check that both lenses are now aligned with each eye and that there is no blurriness or discomfort. If you experience any issues, adjust the lenses again until you find the best position.


Changing your IPD on the Valve Index is a simple process that can greatly improve your VR experience. Following these steps will ensure that you get the most out of your headset and have a comfortable, immersive experience every time you use it.