How Do I Check the Battery on My Valve Index Controller?

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By Eric Wilson

Are you worried about the battery life of your Valve Index Controller? Don’t fret! Checking the battery on your Valve Index Controller is a simple process.

Step 1: Turn On Your Valve Index Controller

The first step to checking the battery is to turn on your Valve Index Controller. To do this, press and hold the system button (the button with the Valve logo) until the controller vibrates and turns on.

Step 2: Check Battery Life in SteamVR

Once your controller is turned on, open up SteamVR on your computer. In the SteamVR window, you should see an icon of a controller. Click on this icon to bring up the SteamVR Dashboard.

In the dashboard, you’ll see a section called “Devices”. Your Valve Index Controllers should be listed here. Click on the controller you want to check.

Underneath the name of your controller, you’ll see a battery indicator that shows how much charge is left in your controller’s battery.

Step 3: Check Battery Life on Your Controller

If you don’t have access to your computer or want to check the battery life directly from your Valve Index Controller, there’s another way.

Press and hold down both the system button and B button (the button with three horizontal lines) at the same time until a battery indicator appears on your controller’s screen. The indicator will show how much charge is left in your battery.

Pro Tip:

To conserve battery life, make sure to turn off your controllers when not in use by holding down the system button until they vibrate and turn off completely.

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    So, next time you’re wondering about the battery life of your Valve Index Controller, just follow these simple steps and you’ll have all the information you need.