How Do I Use My Xbox Gift Card to Buy Games?

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By Eric Wilson

Have you received an Xbox gift card and wondering how to use it to buy games? Look no further because we have got you covered. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the simple process of redeeming your Xbox gift card and purchasing games.

Redeeming Your Xbox Gift Card

To get started, you need to redeem your Xbox gift card. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Turn on your Xbox console or visit the Microsoft Store on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Select the ‘Microsoft Store’ tab.
  4. Click on the ‘Redeem a code’ option and enter the code on your gift card.
  5. Click on ‘Next’ and follow the prompts to complete the redemption process.

Once you have redeemed your gift card, you can now proceed to purchase games.

Purchasing Games with Your Xbox Gift Card

Buying games with your Xbox gift card is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘Microsoft Store’ tab on your console or computer.
  2. Browse through the available games and select the one you want.
  3. Click on ‘Buy’ or ‘Get’ if it’s a free game.
  4. Select ‘Use a code’ as the payment method when prompted.
  5. Type in the code shown on your redeemed gift card and click on ‘Next’.
  6. Confirm that you want to use your gift card balance for this purchase by clicking on ‘Confirm’.


If there is not enough money from your gift card balance to cover the full cost of the game, you will need to add another payment method to cover the difference.


Using your Xbox gift card to buy games is a straightforward process. Just follow the steps above and you will be enjoying your favorite games in no time.

Remember to redeem your gift card first before purchasing games. Happy gaming!