How Do Wild Card Games Work NFL?

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By Eric Wilson

Wild Card Games are a crucial part of the NFL playoffs. They are played after the regular season and before the Divisional Round. The Wild Card games feature four teams from each conference who have not won their respective divisions but have the best records in their conference.

How Do Wild Card Games Work?

The Wild Card round is a single-elimination game, meaning that the winner moves on to the next round, while the loser goes home. The Wild Card games consist of two matchups in each conference, with the third and fourth-seeded teams hosting the sixth and fifth-seeded teams.

Seeding for Wild Card Games

The seeding for Wild Card games is based on a team’s record during the regular season. The top six teams in each conference qualify for postseason play, with division winners seeded 1 through 4 and wild card teams seeded 5 and 6.

Wild Card Weekend Schedule

The Wild Card weekend schedule consists of two AFC matchups and two NFC matchups played over Saturday and Sunday. The first game of each day starts at 1:05 PM ET, while the second game starts at 4:40 PM ET.

Winners Advance to Divisional Round

The winners of each Wild Card game advance to the Divisional Round, where they will face off against one of the top two seeds in their respective conferences. The highest remaining seed will play against the lowest remaining seed in each conference.


In conclusion, Wild Card games are an exciting part of NFL playoffs. They give lower-seeded teams a chance to make it further into postseason play and potentially make a run at winning Super Bowl championship. With proper understanding of how these games work, one can fully enjoy this exciting part of football season!