How Do You Play Card Games With Video Calls?

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By Eric Wilson

Are you missing game night with your friends due to the pandemic? Fear not, because card games can still be played virtually through video calls! With a little bit of planning and some simple tools, you can recreate the fun and excitement of playing cards with your friends even when you’re miles apart.

Choose Your Platform

First things first, you need to choose a video conferencing platform that best suits your needs. Popular options include Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and FaceTime. Choose a platform that everyone in your group is comfortable using and has access to.

Pick Your Game

Once you have your platform set up, it’s time to choose what game you want to play. Some popular card games that work well over video call include Poker, Rummy, Hearts, Spades, Go Fish and UNO.

Prepare Your Cards

Before the game night begins, make sure everyone has access to their own deck of cards. If someone doesn’t have a deck of cards readily available at home, they can download a virtual deck from the app store on their smartphone or tablet. There are many free apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

Get Organized

To ensure that the game runs smoothly during the call, designate one person as the dealer who will shuffle and deal the cards for each round. Make sure everyone agrees on the rules before starting the game so there are no misunderstandings or disputes during play.

Playing The Game

During gameplay itself there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Speak clearly so everyone can hear what you’re saying.
  • Be mindful of how close or far away you are from your camera so that other players can see your cards.
  • If playing poker or any other game that requires betting, use chips or some other form of currency to keep track of bets.
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy the game!


Playing card games over video call is a great way to stay connected with friends and family during these unprecedented times. With a little bit of preparation and planning, you can recreate the fun of playing card games from the comfort of your own home. So gather your friends, shuffle those cards, and let the games begin!