How Do You Play PlayStation Games With Backbone?

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By Valerie Becker

Are you tired of playing PlayStation games on your small screen mobile device? Do you wish to have a more immersive gaming experience?

Well, look no further because Backbone has got you covered! Backbone is a gaming controller that allows you to play your favorite PlayStation games on your iPhone with ease. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps on how to play PlayStation games with Backbone.

Step 1: Purchase Backbone
The first step towards playing PlayStation games on your iPhone is purchasing the Backbone gaming controller. You can buy it online or at your nearest electronics store.

Step 2: Download the Backbone App
Once you have purchased the Backbone controller, download the Backbone app from the App Store. The app is free to download and can be easily found by searching for “Backbone” in the App Store.

Step 3: Connect Your iPhone and Controller
After downloading and installing the Backbone app, connect your iPhone and controller via Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices and follow the instructions provided in the app.

Step 4: Log in to Your PlayStation Account
To access your PlayStation games, log in to your PlayStation account through the Backbone app. If you do not have an account yet, create one by following the instructions provided within the app.

Step 5: Choose Your Game
Once you have successfully logged in to your account, select a game from your library or purchase a new game through the app. The game will start downloading automatically.

Step 6: Start Playing!
Once the game has finished downloading, start playing! The controller’s buttons will mimic those of a traditional PlayStation controller, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Tips and Tricks:
– Make sure that both devices are fully charged before starting gameplay.
– Adjust settings such as brightness and volume within the Backbone app.
– Use the built-in microphone on the controller to communicate with other players in online multiplayer games.

  • Conclusion:
    • Backbone is a great investment for those who wish to have a more immersive gaming experience on their mobile devices. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily play your favorite PlayStation games on your iPhone with ease.


Q: Can I use Backbone with any iPhone?

A: Backbone is compatible with iPhones that are running iOS 13 or later.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to play PlayStation games through Backbone?

A: Yes, an internet connection is required to download and play PlayStation games through Backbone.

Q: Can I use Backbone to play games other than PlayStation games?

A: Currently, Backbone only supports PlayStation games.