How Do You Sync Valve Index Controllers?

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By Eric Wilson

Valve Index Controllers are one of the most advanced gaming controllers available in the market today. They offer an immersive gaming experience with their unique features, such as finger tracking, grip detection, and haptic feedback.

However, to enjoy these features to their fullest potential, you need to know how to sync your Valve Index Controllers with your computer. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of syncing your Valve Index Controllers.

Step 1: Plug in Your Headset

Before syncing your controllers, make sure your headset is plugged into the computer via a USB cable. The headset has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to communicate with your controllers.

Step 2: Turn on Your Controllers

Press and hold the system button (the small button above the trackpad) on both controllers simultaneously until they turn on. The system button is identified by a small icon that looks like a house.

Step 3: Enable Pairing Mode

To enable pairing mode on your controllers follow these steps:

  • Press and hold down both the A and B buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
  • The LED lights on both controllers will start blinking blue indicating they are ready for pairing.

Step 4: Pair Your Controllers with Your Computer

Now that your controllers are in pairing mode follow these steps to pair them with your computer:

  • Open SteamVR by clicking on its icon in the taskbar or launching it from your desktop shortcut.
  • In SteamVR, click on the ‘Devices’ tab from the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Select ‘Pair Controller’ from the drop-down menu under ‘Devices’.
  • Your computer will now search for available controllers. Once it detects your controllers, the LED lights on them will turn green indicating they are connected.

Step 5: Test Your Controllers

Once your controllers are paired, you can test them to see if they are working correctly. To test them, follow these steps:

  • Launch any VR application or game that supports Valve Index Controllers.
  • Hold the controllers in your hands and move your fingers. You should see a representation of your fingers move on the screen.
  • Squeeze the grip buttons to check if the grip detection is working correctly.
  • Move the controllers around to test the accuracy of tracking and haptic feedback.


Syncing Valve Index Controllers is a straightforward process once you know how to do it. With this guide, you should be able to pair your controllers with your computer and start enjoying an immersive gaming experience.

Remember to keep your headset plugged in while syncing the controllers and always ensure that they are charged before use. Happy gaming!