How Do You Unlock Card Designs in Clubhouse Games?

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By Eric Wilson

Clubhouse Games is one of the most popular games on Nintendo Switch. It offers players a wide range of classic board games and card games to play with friends and family.

One of the most exciting features of this game is the ability to unlock new card designs. In this article, we will show you how to unlock card designs in Clubhouse Games.

What are Card Designs?
Card designs are a set of unique graphics that replace the standard design of the cards in Clubhouse Games. These designs include different themes such as Mario, Animal Crossing, and Zelda. You can unlock these designs by completing certain tasks in the game.

How to Unlock Card Designs

Step 1: Play Games
The first step to unlocking card designs is to play games. This may seem obvious, but the more games you play, the more likely you are to unlock new card designs. Each time you complete a game, you will earn points that go towards unlocking new content.

Step 2: Complete Challenges
Completing challenges is another way to unlock card designs. Challenges are specific tasks that you must complete during gameplay, such as winning a game without using a certain move or beating your opponent within a certain amount of time.

Challenge Examples:

  • Win a game without using any special moves.
  • Beat your opponent within 2 minutes.
  • Win three consecutive rounds.

Completing challenges not only unlocks new card designs but also earns you bonus points which help increase your overall score.

Step 3: Use Mii Characters
Using Mii characters in your gameplay can also help you unlock new card designs. The more Mii characters you use in your games, the higher your chances of unlocking new content.

Tips for Using Mii Characters:

  • Create multiple Mii characters to increase your chances of unlocking new content.
  • Use Mii characters in games that you are comfortable playing.
  • Try using different Mii characters in each game to increase variety.


In conclusion, unlocking card designs in Clubhouse Games is simple but requires some effort and time. By playing games, completing challenges, and using Mii characters, you can unlock a wide range of unique card designs. So get out there and start playing!