How Many Digimon Card Games Have There Been?

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By Valerie Becker

Digimon is a popular multimedia franchise that originated in Japan. It features various digital monsters, known as Digimon, that reside in a digital world.

The franchise has spawned numerous anime series, video games, movies and merchandise. One of the popular merchandise categories is the Digimon trading card game. In this article, we will explore how many Digimon card games have been released.

First Generation – Digi-Battle Card Game

The first Digimon card game was released in 1999 and was called the Digi-Battle Card Game. It was published by Bandai and featured cards based on the first season of the anime series. The game utilized a unique scanning system where players could scan their cards with a handheld device to generate virtual battles.

Second Generation – Digital Monsters Card Game

In 2000, Bandai released the Digital Monsters Card Game. This second-generation card game featured new cards based on the second season of the anime series. The game used a more traditional gameplay style compared to its predecessor.

Third Generation – D-Tector Card Game

The D-Tector Card Game was released in 2003 and was based on the third season of the anime series. It featured a new gameplay mechanic where players could attach a device called D-Tector to their cards to activate special abilities.

Fourth Generation – Collectible Card Game

Bandai released the Collectible Card Game in 2005 and it was based on characters from all three seasons of the anime series. This fourth-generation card game utilized a traditional gameplay style but included new mechanics such as evolution sequences for Digimon.

Fifth Generation – Data Squad Collectible Card Game

In 2007, Bandai released another collectible card game based on characters from the fifth season of the anime series called Data Squad Collectible Card Game. It featured new gameplay mechanics such as the ability to fuse two Digimon into a stronger one.

Sixth Generation – Fusion Collectible Card Game

The Fusion Collectible Card Game was released in 2014 and featured characters from the sixth season of the anime series. It utilized a new gameplay mechanic where players could combine their cards to create powerful fusions.

Seventh Generation – Battle Evolution Card Game

The most recent Digimon card game is the Battle Evolution Card Game, released in 2018. Based on characters from the seventh season of the anime series, it features a new gameplay mechanic called “evolution jump” that allows players to skip evolution steps for their Digimon.


In summary, there have been seven Digimon card games released since 1999. Each generation has introduced new gameplay mechanics and features, keeping the franchise fresh and engaging for fans. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering Digimon, there is sure to be a card game that suits your taste.