How Many Games Are Played in MLB Wild Card Playoffs?

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By Monica Bates

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Wild Card Playoffs are one of the most exciting events in the baseball world. It’s a chance for teams to make a late-season push and earn a spot in the postseason.

But how many games are played in MLB Wild Card Playoffs? Let’s break it down.

Wild Card Format

Before we dive into the number of games played, let’s first understand the format of the Wild Card playoffs. In each league (American League and National League), two teams with the best record among non-division winners qualify for the playoffs.

These two teams face each other in a one-game playoff, with the winner advancing to play in the Division Series against the top seed from their respective league.

Number of Games Played

So, to answer the question – how many games are played in MLB Wild Card Playoffs? The answer is simple – only one game is played for each league.

This means that if your favorite team makes it to the Wild Card game, they have just one shot to advance to the next round. There is no room for error or second chances. It’s all or nothing.

Impact of One-Game Playoff

The one-game playoff format has its pros and cons. On one hand, it makes for a thrilling and intense game as both teams give it their all to move on to the next round. It also adds an extra layer of excitement and uncertainty as anything can happen in just one game.

However, there are also criticisms of this format. Some argue that it’s unfair that a team’s entire season comes down to just one game. A team may have had a great regular season but could be eliminated due to a bad day or unlucky bounce.


In conclusion, MLB Wild Card Playoffs consist of only one game for each league. This format adds excitement and tension to the postseason but also comes under scrutiny for its fairness. Regardless, it’s an event that baseball fans eagerly anticipate every year.