How Many Games Can a 64GB SD Card Hold for Switch?

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By Eric Wilson

If you’re a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, you might be wondering how many games can fit on a 64GB SD card. The answer to this question is not straightforward, as it depends on various factors such as the size of the game, the format it’s stored in, and whether or not it includes downloadable content (DLC). However, we can still give you an estimate of how much storage space you can expect to get.

Understanding Nintendo Switch Storage

The Nintendo Switch has a built-in storage capacity of 32GB. While this may seem like plenty of space, it quickly fills up with games and DLC. Fortunately, the console allows for expandable storage through the use of microSD cards.

Factors That Affect Game Size

Before we dive into actual numbers, let’s first discuss what factors affect game size. Generally speaking, games come in two formats – physical and digital.

Physical games are those that come in cartridges that you insert into your Switch console. On the other hand, digital games are those that you download directly from the Nintendo eShop onto your console.

Digital games tend to be larger than physical ones because they require more storage space to hold all the necessary files. Additionally, some games include downloadable content (DLC) that adds extra features or levels to the game. This DLC can take up quite a bit of space as well.

Estimating Game Sizes

So how many games can you fit on a 64GB SD card? As mentioned earlier, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, we can make some educated estimates based on average game sizes and formats.

Physical games tend to range from around 2GB to 16GB in size. This means that you could potentially fit anywhere from 4 to 32 physical games on a 64GB SD card.

Digital games are a bit trickier to estimate, as their sizes can vary widely. However, on average, digital games tend to be around 10GB in size. This means that you could potentially fit around 6 or 7 digital games on a 64GB SD card.

Keep in mind that these estimates are just that – estimates. The actual number of games you can fit on a 64GB SD card may vary depending on the specific games you’re interested in and whether or not they include DLC.

Maximizing Your Storage Space

If you’re looking to maximize your Switch storage space, there are a few tips and tricks you can use. One of the most effective is to delete games that you’re no longer playing. This frees up space for new games and ensures that your console isn’t cluttered with unused content.

Another tip is to look for smaller games that take up less space. Indie games, for example, tend to be smaller in size than AAA titles and can help you stretch your storage further.

Finally, consider investing in a larger SD card if you find yourself running out of space frequently. While a 64GB card is a good starting point, there are SD cards available with much larger capacities – up to 1TB!


In summary, the number of games you can fit on a 64GB SD card for your Nintendo Switch varies depending on the size of the game and whether it’s physical or digital. On average, however, you should be able to fit anywhere from 4 to 32 physical games or around 6 or 7 digital games on such a card. By being mindful of how much space each game takes up and taking steps to maximize your storage capacity, you can ensure that you always have room for new gaming adventures on your Switch!