How Many Games Can a PS2 Memory Card Hold?

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By Valerie Becker

When it comes to gaming consoles, PlayStation 2 (PS2) is one of the most popular and beloved options out there. However, with its limited storage capacity, one question that often arises is – ‘How many games can a PS2 memory card hold?’ Let’s dive into this topic and find out.

The Basics of PS2 Memory Cards

Firstly, let’s understand what a PS2 memory card is. It is a small storage device that connects to the console and serves as a means of saving game data.

These cards come in different sizes ranging from 8MB to 64MB. The most common size is the 8MB card, which can store up to 15 game saves.

Factors Affecting Game Storage

The number of games that you can save on a PS2 memory card may vary depending on several factors such as:

  • The size of your memory card: As mentioned earlier, the larger the memory card, the more game saves it can store.
  • The size of the game save: Some games may require more space than others. For example, an open-world game with lots of saved progress may take up more space than a smaller puzzle game.
  • Your gaming habits: If you tend to play and save multiple games simultaneously, then you may need more than one memory card.

Average Number of Games per Card

On average, an 8MB memory card can store around 15 game saves. If we assume that each game save requires approximately 512KB (kilobytes), then we can calculate how many games can be stored on different sizes of memory cards:

  • 8MB = approximately 15 game saves or less
  • 16MB = approximately 30 game saves or less
  • 32MB = approximately 60 game saves or less
  • 64MB = approximately 120 game saves or less

Tips for Optimizing Memory Card Storage

To make the most of your PS2 memory card storage, here are some tips:

  • Delete old and unused game saves to free up space.
  • Organize your game saves by creating folders and grouping them according to different games.
  • Consider investing in a larger memory card if you tend to play and save multiple games simultaneously.


In summary, the number of games that a PS2 memory card can hold varies depending on several factors such as the size of the card and the size of the game save. An average-sized memory card can hold anywhere between 15 to 120 game saves. By following some simple tips for optimizing storage, you can make the most of your PS2 gaming experience without worrying about running out of space.