How Many Games Can a Switch Memory Card Hold?

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By Monica Bates

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic gaming console that has been taking the world by storm since its release in 2017. One of the features that make it so popular is its ability to be portable, meaning you can take your games with you wherever you go.

However, the storage capacity of the Switch itself can be somewhat limiting, which is why many gamers opt to use an external memory card to store their games. In this article, we will answer the question: How many games can a Switch memory card hold?

Understanding Switch Memory Cards

Before we dive into answering the question, it’s important to understand how Switch memory cards work. The Nintendo Switch uses microSDHC or microSDXC cards for external storage.

These are small memory cards that fit into a slot on the console. They come in various sizes ranging from 32GB to 512GB.

Factors That Affect Game Storage Capacity

Several factors determine how many games a Switch memory card can hold. The most significant factors include:

Game Size: The size of each game is an essential factor in determining how many games you can store on your memory card. Some games are relatively small and only require a few gigabytes of storage space, while others are much larger and may require up to 30GB or more.

Memory Card Size: The size of your memory card will also play a significant role in determining how many games you can store on it.

Type of Games: Different types of games have different storage requirements. For example, indie games tend to be smaller in size than AAA titles.

The Average Number of Games That Can Be Stored on Different Memory Card Sizes

Now that we have an understanding of what factors affect game storage capacity let’s look at how many games you can expect to store on different sizes of memory cards.

  • 32GB: A 32GB memory card can hold up to 5 to 10 games, depending on their size.
  • 64GB: With a 64GB memory card, you can expect to store up to 12 to 20 games.
  • 128GB: A 128GB memory card can store up to 25 to 40 games.
  • 256GB: With a massive 256GB memory card, you can store up to 50 to 80 games.

Tips for Maximizing Game Storage Capacity

Here are some tips on how you can maximize your game storage capacity on your Switch memory card.

  • Delete Games You No Longer Play: Make sure you delete games that you no longer play. This will free up space for new games.
  • Purchase Physical Copies of Games: Physical copies of games do not require storage space on a memory card.

    Consider purchasing physical copies of games instead of downloading them digitally if you’re running out of space.

  • Purchase a Larger Memory Card: If you’re running out of space, consider purchasing a larger memory card. The larger the card, the more games you can store.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the number of games that a Switch memory card can hold depends on several factors: game size, type of game, and the size of the memory card. As long as you keep these factors in mind and follow our tips for maximizing your game storage capacity, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite Switch titles without worrying about running out of space.