How Many Games Do You Miss for a Straight Red Card in the Premier League?

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By Monica Bates

Have you ever wondered how many games a player misses for receiving a straight red card in the Premier League? It’s an important question, as a red card can have serious consequences for a player’s team and future performances. In this article, we’ll explore the rules and regulations surrounding straight red cards in the Premier League, and how they impact a player’s game time.

What is a Straight Red Card?

A straight red card is given to a player who commits a serious foul or misconduct during a match. The referee will immediately send off the player, who will then be disqualified from taking any further part in the game. A straight red card can be given for various reasons such as violent conduct, serious foul play, abusive language towards officials or players, or denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by committing a foul.

How Many Games Do You Miss for a Straight Red Card?

According to the Premier League rules and regulations, if a player receives a straight red card during a match, they will be suspended for three games. This means that they will miss their team’s next three matches in the league.

Exceptions to Three-Game Suspension

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If the red card is given for violent conduct towards an opponent or official, then the suspension may be increased to four or more games depending on the severity of the incident. Additionally, if it is deemed that the red card was given due to mistaken identity (i.e., it was issued to the wrong player), then the suspension will be transferred to the correct player.

Appealing Against Red Card

Players and teams have the right to appeal against any decision made by referees during matches. This includes challenging any decision regarding yellow or red cards issued by officials. If an appeal is successful, then any suspension will be revoked, and the player will be allowed to play in the league.


In conclusion, a player who receives a straight red card in the Premier League will miss their team’s next three matches in the league. However, this suspension may be increased if the offense committed was of a serious nature. It’s important for players and teams to be aware of these rules and regulations to avoid any unnecessary suspensions that could harm their team’s performance.