How Many Games Do You Miss for a Yellow Card?

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By Valerie Becker

Yellow cards are a common occurrence in football (soccer) matches, and they can have serious consequences for players. One of the biggest concerns for players who receive yellow cards is how many games they will miss as a result. In this article, we will explore the rules surrounding yellow cards and suspensions, and answer the question: How many games do you miss for a yellow card?

What is a Yellow Card?

A yellow card is a disciplinary action taken by the referee to indicate that a player has committed a cautionable offense. These offenses include things like unsporting behavior, dissent, and time-wasting. When a player receives a yellow card, it serves as a warning that any further misconduct could result in more severe disciplinary action.

How Many Yellow Cards Can You Get?

In most football leagues around the world, players are allowed to receive up to two yellow cards in a single match before being sent off with a red card. However, the rules vary depending on the league and competition. For example, some competitions may allow three or more yellow cards before issuing a red.

What Happens When You Get a Yellow Card?

When you receive your first yellow card of the season, there are no immediate consequences other than the warning it provides. However, if you receive another yellow card within the same competition or league before serving any suspension related to your first caution, you will be suspended for one game.

Additional Suspensions for Multiple Yellow Cards

If you continue to receive additional yellow cards during the season or competition before serving your previous suspension(s), your suspensions will increase accordingly:

  • 5 Yellow Cards: 1 Match Suspension
  • 10 Yellow Cards: 2 Match Suspension
  • 15 Yellow Cards: 3 Match Suspension
  • 20 Yellow Cards: 4 Match Suspension

Yellow Card Amnesty and Reset Dates

In some leagues, there is a yellow card amnesty that takes place at a specific point during the season. This means that all accumulated yellow cards are wiped from the player’s record, and they start fresh. Additionally, some leagues have reset dates where accumulated yellow cards are removed from a player’s record and suspensions are reset.


In conclusion, the number of games you miss for a yellow card depends on how many previous yellow cards you have received in the same competition or league. If you receive two yellow cards within the same competition before serving a suspension related to your first caution, you will be suspended for one game.

Subsequent suspensions increase with each additional five yellow cards received. It’s important to keep track of your disciplinary record and avoid unnecessary cautions to stay on the pitch and help your team succeed.