How Many Games Does a Yellow Card Last For?

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By Eric Wilson

Yellow cards are an essential part of soccer, also known as football, as they help regulate the game’s conduct and maintain sportsmanship. But how long do yellow cards last?

Do they expire after a certain number of games or can they have long-term consequences? Let’s dive in to find out more.

What is a Yellow Card?

A yellow card is a warning issued by the referee to players who commit a foul or engage in unsporting behavior that violates the rules of the game. A player can receive multiple yellow cards throughout a match or tournament, but once they accumulate two yellow cards during the same competition, they receive a red card and get sent off the field.

How Long Does a Yellow Card Last?

In short, a yellow card lasts for one match. Once a player receives a yellow card, it remains valid until the end of the match. If they receive another yellow card during that game or before serving their suspension for accumulating two yellow cards, then the new warning will only apply to that specific match.

However, it’s important to note that receiving multiple yellow cards throughout different matches can have long-term consequences. If a player receives five or more yellow cards in different games across various competitions, they may receive an additional one-match suspension.

The Impact of Yellow Cards on Players and Teams

Yellow cards can significantly impact both players and teams’ performances. Players who accumulate multiple warnings must be more careful with their actions on-field as any further violation can lead to suspension and negatively impact their team’s chances of winning.

Moreover, teams with multiple players receiving warnings incur penalties that can affect their overall standings in competitions. For instance, if too many players accumulate too many yellow cards during league play, teams may face point deductions or other disciplinary actions from soccer governing bodies.


In conclusion, receiving a yellow card can have an immediate impact on a player’s performance, but it only lasts for one game. However, accumulating too many yellow cards across different matches can lead to additional suspensions and penalties that may affect the player and their team’s overall performance. It’s essential for players to maintain sportsmanship and follow the rules of the game to avoid receiving warnings and potential repercussions.