How Many Games Miss for Red Card?

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By Ralph Torres

Red cards are a part of the game of football and can be given for various reasons. It is an unfortunate event that can happen to any player during the course of a match.

But what happens to a player’s game count after being shown a red card? In this article, we will explore how many games a player misses for a red card.

What is a Red Card?

A red card is given to a player who has committed an offense that is deemed serious enough by the referee. The most common reasons for receiving a red card are violent conduct, serious foul play, and denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity through illegal means. When given, the player must leave the field immediately and cannot be replaced by another player.

How Many Games Does a Player Miss for a Red Card?

The number of games that a player misses after receiving a red card depends on the competition in which they were playing and the severity of their offense.

In most domestic leagues around the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga, players who receive straight red cards (meaning they were not shown two yellow cards first) are suspended for one match. This means that they will miss their team’s next game.

However, if the offense was deemed to be particularly severe or violent, then the suspension can be increased to multiple games or even months. An example of this would be when Eric Cantona was banned for nine months in 1995 after he kicked a Crystal Palace fan during a match.

In international competitions such as the World Cup or European Championships, players who receive one red card are suspended for one match as well. However, if they receive two yellow cards over multiple matches or two direct red cards in separate matches during the same competition, then they will be suspended for at least two matches.


Receiving a red card is always a difficult situation for any player. However, the number of games that they will miss for the offense depends on the competition and severity of their actions.

In most domestic leagues, players who receive straight red cards will miss their team’s next match, while in international competitions, it can be more severe. It is important for players to remember to play within the rules and avoid any actions that could lead to a red card and subsequent suspension.