How Many Games Will Xhaka Miss After Red Card?

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By Ralph Torres

On Sunday, Granit Xhaka received a red card during Arsenal’s match against Manchester City. This has left fans wondering how many games the midfielder will miss due to his suspension.

The Incident
During the match, Xhaka made a reckless challenge on Joao Cancelo in the 35th minute. The referee deemed it a serious foul play and showed Xhaka a straight red card. This means that he will be suspended for Arsenal’s next fixture.

The Suspension
According to FA rules, if a player receives a straight red card, they will be suspended for three games. However, if the offense is deemed severe, the suspension can be increased to five or more games.

Previous Incidents
This is not the first time Xhaka has received a red card while playing for Arsenal. In fact, this is his fourth red card in just over four years at the club. His previous suspensions were for two and three games respectively.

Possible Outcomes
Given Xhaka’s history with red cards and the severity of his latest offense, there is a possibility that he could face additional suspension time. However, this decision will ultimately be made by the FA after reviewing the incident.

In Conclusion

As of now, it seems likely that Granit Xhaka will miss three games due to his red card against Manchester City. However, there is always a chance that additional suspension time could be added based on his past behavior and the severity of this particular offense.

Stay Tuned

Fans will have to wait and see what decision the FA makes regarding Xhaka’s suspension length. As always, we’ll keep you updated on any developments as they occur.

  • Update: Since we published this article on Monday morning (UK Time), The FA have confirmed that Xhaka’s suspension will be for three games, which means he’ll miss Arsenal’s next three Premier League fixtures against Brighton, Crystal Palace and Newcastle United.