How Many Something Wild Card Games Are There?

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By Eric Wilson

When it comes to card games, ‘Something Wild’ has been a popular choice for many. This game is known for its simple rules and quick gameplay, making it perfect for family game nights or gatherings with friends.

But just how many versions of Something Wild are there? Let’s explore!

What is Something Wild?

Before we dive into the number of Something Wild card games, let’s first understand what the game is all about. Something Wild is a card game that requires players to match their cards with the cards in the center pile. Each card has a specific character or symbol on it, and players must match their cards to the same character or symbol in order to win.

How Many Versions of Something Wild are There?

Currently, there are six versions of Something Wild available – Disney Princess, Toy Story 4, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frozen 2, Mickey and Friends, and Marvel. Each version features different characters and symbols from its respective franchise.

Disney Princess

The Disney Princess version of Something Wild includes characters like Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel. The symbols on the cards include items like tiaras, glass slippers, and roses.

Toy Story 4

The Toy Story 4 version features characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Forky. The symbols on the cards include items like pizza planet aliens, Buzz’s wings, and Woody’s hat.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s classic movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, then this version of Something Wild is perfect for you! It includes characters like Jack Skellington and Sally along with symbols like pumpkins and bats.

Frozen 2

The Frozen 2 version includes characters like Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff while the symbols on the cards include items like snowflakes, carrots, and leaves.

Mickey and Friends

The Mickey and Friends version of Something Wild includes beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. The symbols on the cards include items like balloons, ice cream, and presents.


Finally, the Marvel version of Something Wild features popular superheroes such as Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man. The symbols on the cards include items like webs, shields, and helmets.

  • Disney Princess
  • Toy Story 4
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Frozen 2
  • Mickey and Friends
  • Marvel

Final Thoughts

With six different versions to choose from, there’s a Something Wild game for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of Disney Princesses or Marvel superheroes, this game is sure to provide hours of fun. So gather your friends or family members and start playing today!