Is Amazon Card Used for Games?

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By Ralph Torres

Are you an avid gamer looking to purchase games on Amazon? Or do you already have an Amazon card and wondering if it can be used for games?

You’re not alone. In this article, we’ll dive into whether or not Amazon cards can be used to purchase games.

What is an Amazon Card?

Before we get into the main question, let’s briefly discuss what an Amazon card is. An Amazon card is a type of credit or debit card issued by a financial institution that partners with Amazon. These cards often come with perks such as cashback rewards and exclusive discounts on purchases made through Amazon.

Can You Use an Amazon Card for Games?

The answer to this question is yes! You can use your Amazon card to purchase games on the platform. In fact, using your Amazon card for game purchases can help you earn rewards points and cashback bonuses that you wouldn’t receive if you used a different form of payment.

How to Use Your Amazon Card for Game Purchases

Using your Amazon card for game purchases is easy. Simply add the game(s) you want to purchase to your cart and proceed to checkout.

When prompted to select a payment method, choose your Amazon card from the list of available options. If you haven’t already linked your card to your account, follow the steps provided by Amazon to do so.

Benefits of Using Your Amazon Card for Games

As mentioned earlier, using your Amazon card for game purchases can help you earn rewards points and cashback bonuses. Depending on the type of card you have, these rewards may be redeemable for statement credits, gift cards, or other perks.

Additionally, using your Amazon card can provide added security when making online purchases. Since these cards are backed by major financial institutions, they often come with fraud protection and monitoring services that can help detect suspicious activity on your account.


In summary, using your Amazon card for game purchases is not only possible, but it can also provide added benefits such as rewards points and increased security. So the next time you’re looking to buy a new game, consider using your Amazon card to make the purchase.