Is the HP Reverb G2 Better Than the Valve Index?

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By Ralph Torres

Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way since its inception. With the release of the HP Reverb G2 and Valve Index, VR enthusiasts are now faced with the question of which headset is better. In this article, we’ll compare the two VR headsets and decide which one comes out on top.


The display is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a VR headset. The HP Reverb G2 boasts an impressive resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye, which is higher than that of the Valve Index’s 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye. This means that the images are sharper and clearer on the HP Reverb G2, making it a great choice for users who demand high-quality visuals.

Field of View

The field of view (FOV) refers to how much of your surroundings you can see through the VR headset. The Valve Index has a FOV of 130 degrees, while the HP Reverb G2 has a FOV of only 114 degrees. While this may not seem like a significant difference, it can make all the difference in immersive experiences such as first-person shooters or racing games.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is how many times per second an image is displayed on the screen. The Valve Index boasts an impressive refresh rate of 120Hz, while the HP Reverb G2’s refresh rate is only 90Hz. This means that images on the Valve Index appear smoother and more fluid than those on the HP Reverb G2.


Tracking is how well a VR headset follows your movements in real-time. Both headsets use inside-out tracking technology, which means that they use cameras located on the headset itself to track your movements instead of external sensors. However, many users have reported that the Valve Index’s tracking is more accurate and reliable than the HP Reverb G2’s.


Comfort is an important factor to consider, especially if you plan on using your VR headset for long periods of time. The Valve Index comes with a more ergonomic design and a better weight distribution, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods. The HP Reverb G2, on the other hand, has a less comfortable design, which may cause discomfort after wearing it for long hours.


After considering all factors, it’s clear that both headsets have their strengths and weaknesses. The HP Reverb G2 has a higher resolution display, while the Valve Index has a wider field of view and higher refresh rate. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your personal preferences and priorities.

If you’re someone who values high-quality visuals above all else, then the HP Reverb G2 is likely to be the better choice for you. However, if you’re looking for a wider field of view and smoother refresh rate with reliable tracking technology, then the Valve Index may be the better option.

Regardless of which headset you choose, both provide an immersive VR experience that will leave you feeling like you’re fully immersed in another world.