Is There a Patron Saint of Card Games?

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By Monica Bates

Card games have been played for centuries, and while many people simply view them as a form of entertainment, others believe that there is a deeper spiritual connection associated with these games. In fact, there are numerous patron saints in the Christian religion that are believed to watch over and protect various activities, including card games.

But is there a specific patron saint of card games? Let’s explore this topic further.

What Are Patron Saints?

Before we dive into the specific patron saint associated with card games, let’s first understand what patron saints are. In the Catholic faith, patron saints are believed to be heavenly beings that can intercede on behalf of individuals or groups. These saints are often associated with specific areas of life and can provide guidance and protection to those who call upon them.

The Patron Saint of Gamblers

While there is no specific patron saint of card games, there is a saint who is commonly associated with gambling as a whole. This saint is known as Saint Cajetan, also called San Cayetano in Spanish. Saint Cajetan was born in Italy in 1480 and became a priest before founding his own religious order known as Theatines.

Saint Cajetan’s Connection to Gambling

So why exactly is Saint Cajetan often referred to as the patron saint of gamblers? Well, during his lifetime he was known for his work helping people who were struggling financially. He believed that instead of relying on gambling or other forms of chance to improve their financial situation, people should instead rely on hard work and prayer.

However, despite his disapproval of gambling as a means to make money, Saint Cajetan still became associated with it over time. As more people began calling upon him for protection while gambling or playing games of chance, he was eventually recognized by many as the patron saint of gamblers.

Other Patron Saints Associated with Games

While Saint Cajetan is the most commonly recognized patron saint associated with games, there are a few other saints that have been associated with specific games as well. For example, Saint Hildegard of Bingen is sometimes referred to as the patron saint of chess players due to her love for the game.


While there isn’t a specific patron saint of card games, Saint Cajetan is often associated with gambling and can provide guidance and protection to those who call upon him while playing card games or other forms of chance. Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s interesting to explore the spiritual connections that people have made throughout history with various activities and their associated patron saints.