Is Valve Index Available in Malaysia?

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By Valerie Becker

If you’re a gamer residing in Malaysia, you might be wondering if Valve Index is available for purchase. Valve Index is a virtual reality headset that has taken the gaming community by storm.

It offers an immersive gaming experience with its high-resolution displays, accurate tracking, and comfortable design. But is it accessible to Malaysians? Let’s find out.

What is Valve Index?

Valve Index is a virtual reality headset developed and manufactured by Valve Corporation. It was released in June 2019 and has since been considered one of the best VR headsets available on the market. The headset features two LCD panels with a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye, providing an incredibly clear and detailed image.

Is Valve Index Available in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, as of now, Valve Index is not officially available for purchase in Malaysia. The only way to get your hands on one is to have someone import it from another country or buy it from a third-party seller at an inflated price.

Why isn’t it available?

The reason why Valve Index isn’t readily available in Malaysia could be due to various factors such as licensing issues or lack of demand. Additionally, Valve Corporation might not have established partnerships with Malaysian distributors yet.

Alternatives to Valve Index

If you’re looking for alternatives to Valve Index that are easily accessible in Malaysia, there are several options available.

  • Oculus Quest 2: This wireless VR headset doesn’t require a PC and offers excellent performance at an affordable price.
  • HTC Vive Cosmos Elite: This high-end VR headset features precise tracking and a comfortable fit.
  • Sony PlayStation VR: If you own a PS4 or PS5 console, this VR headset is a great option with a wide range of games available.


In conclusion, Valve Index is not available in Malaysia officially, but there are several alternatives to choose from. These VR headsets offer excellent performance and immersive gaming experiences.

Hopefully, Valve Corporation will make its products more accessible to gamers worldwide in the future. Until then, Malaysians can enjoy other VR headsets that are readily available in the market.