What Are Black Card Games?

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By Valerie Becker

When it comes to card games, most people are familiar with classic games like poker and blackjack. However, there is a whole world of card games out there that many people have never heard of. One type of card game that has been gaining popularity recently is black card games.

So, what exactly are black card games? In short, they are a type of game that typically involves strategy, skill, and a bit of luck. They can be played with standard playing cards or with specialized decks that are designed specifically for the game.

One popular example of a black card game is Cards Against Humanity. This game involves players taking turns to pick a question from a black card and then playing their funniest white card to provide the answer. The player who picked the question then chooses the funniest answer and awards that player with a point.

Another example of a black card game is Exploding Kittens. This game involves players drawing cards from the deck and trying to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card which would result in them being eliminated from the game.

Black card games can vary widely in terms of gameplay and rules, but they all share some common elements. They typically involve multiple players, require strategy and skill to play well, and often have an element of randomness or luck involved.

One advantage of black card games is their versatility. They can be played with just a few friends or in large groups at parties or events. Many black card games also have expansion packs available which can provide even more variety and entertainment.

If you’re interested in trying out some black card games for yourself, there are plenty to choose from! Some other popular titles include Secret Hitler, Superfight, and Red Flags.

In conclusion, while classic card games like poker will always have their place in our hearts, black card games offer a new level of excitement and unpredictability for those looking for something different. Try out some different titles with friends or family members at your next game night and see for yourself why these games are becoming so popular!