What Are the Special Versions of Games in Nintendo Online?

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By Monica Bates

Nintendo Online is a game subscription service that offers a variety of titles for its users. One of the unique features of the service is the availability of special versions of games. These special versions are often enhanced versions of classic games or exclusive releases that are only available to Nintendo Online subscribers.

What Are Special Versions?

Special versions are essentially upgraded or exclusive versions of games that are available to Nintendo Online subscribers. These versions often have additional or improved features over the standard version of the game. Examples include enhanced graphics, new levels, and additional content.


One example of a special version is “Tetris 99”, which is an exclusive battle royale version of the classic puzzle game. In this version, players compete against each other in real-time, with the last player standing being declared the winner.

Another example is “Super Mario Bros. 35”, which is another exclusive battle royale-style game based on the classic platformer. Players must race through levels while competing against 34 other players to be the last one standing.

Benefits of Special Versions

One benefit of special versions is that they offer additional content or improved features over standard versions of games. This can provide hours of new gameplay and enhance the overall experience for players.

In addition, special versions are often exclusive to Nintendo Online subscribers, which adds value to the subscription service and gives users access to unique content that they can’t get anywhere else.


Special versions are an exciting feature available on Nintendo Online that offer enhanced gameplay experiences for users. Whether it’s an upgraded version of a classic game or an exclusive release, these special versions provide added value to Nintendo Online subscriptions and give users access to unique content not available anywhere else.