What Board Games Are Popular in Germany?

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By Valerie Becker

In Germany, board games are an integral part of the culture. From classic games to new releases, Germans love playing board games with their family and friends. In fact, the country has a long-standing tradition of designing and playing board games.

Classic Board Games in Germany

One of the most popular classic board games in Germany is ‘Mensch ärgere Dich nicht’, which means ‘Do not get annoyed, man.’ This game is similar to the English game ‘Ludo’ and is easy to play. The game involves moving pieces around a board using dice rolls while trying to avoid getting caught by other players.

Another classic German board game that has gained popularity worldwide is ‘Settlers of Catan’. This strategy-based game involves building settlements and cities on an island while trading resources with other players. It’s a great game for those who love strategy and enjoy building things.

New Board Games in Germany

Germany is also known for producing new and innovative board games. One such new release that has gained popularity is ‘Azul’.

This tile-placement game involves creating patterns with tiles while competing against other players. It’s an excellent game for those who love puzzles.

Another new release that has taken the gaming world by storm is ‘Codenames’. This word-based card game involves giving clues to teammates to guess specific words on a grid while avoiding the opposing team’s cards. It’s a great party game that can be played with large groups.


In conclusion, German board games are diverse and offer something for everyone. From classic games like ‘Mensch ärgere Dich nicht’ to new releases like ‘Azul’, there are plenty of options available for anyone looking to have some fun with their family or friends. So, the next time you’re in Germany, make sure to try out some of these popular board games and experience the joy of playing them.