What Card Games Did Soldiers Play?

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By Monica Bates

During times of war, soldiers often found themselves in situations where they had to pass the time between battles. One popular way soldiers passed the time was by playing card games.

Card games were not only a great way to kill time but also a way for soldiers to bond and relieve stress. So, what card games did soldiers play? Let’s explore some of the most popular ones.


Poker was one of the most popular card games played by soldiers during wartime. It is a game that is relatively easy to learn, and it can be played with just a standard deck of cards. Soldiers would often gather around tables or on the ground and play for hours on end.


Another popular game among soldiers was blackjack. This game requires more strategy than poker, but it is still relatively easy to learn. Soldiers would often play this game in their downtime, trying to outsmart each other and win big.


Bridge is a more complicated game that requires four players who work in pairs. It involves bidding and trick-taking, making it a challenging game for soldiers who were looking for something more complex than poker or blackjack.


Solitaire is an excellent game for solo play when other players are not available. Soldiers could easily play solitaire using just a deck of cards and a flat surface. It was an excellent way for them to pass the time while waiting for orders or during long periods of downtime.


War is another simple card game that requires no skill or strategy whatsoever. In this game, two players each flip over cards from their deck until one player has a higher-ranked card than the other. Soldiers could easily pass the time playing this quick and straightforward game.


In conclusion, card games were an essential part of soldiers’ lives during times of war. They provided a way for soldiers to bond, relieve stress, and pass the time between battles.

Poker, blackjack, bridge, solitaire, and war were just a few of the most popular card games played by soldiers. Whether playing alone or in groups, these games helped soldiers forget about the harsh realities of war, if only for a little while.