What Do You Do With Old Board Games?

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By Eric Wilson

Do you have old board games gathering dust in your closet or attic? It’s time to give them a new life instead of letting them take up valuable space. Here are some ideas on what you can do with those old board games:

Sell Them Online

If the game is still in good condition, consider selling it online. Websites like eBay and Amazon are great places to sell used items.

Take clear photos of the game and write a detailed description of its condition. Be honest about any missing pieces or damage, as this can affect the value.

Donate Them

Another option is to donate your old board games to a local charity or thrift store. Many organizations accept gently used games and toys for children in need. This is a great way to give back to your community and declutter your home at the same time.

Repurpose Them

Get creative and repurpose your old board games into something new. You can turn game boards into wall art by framing them or using them as a background for photos. Game pieces can be used as unique decorations for your home or even jewelry.

Make a Memory Box

If you have fond memories associated with a particular game, consider creating a memory box using the game box itself. Place photos, ticket stubs, or other memorabilia inside the box along with the game pieces.

Use Them for Crafts

Old board games can also be used for various crafting projects. For example, you can use Scrabble tiles to create personalized coasters or magnets, or use Monopoly money as gift tags.

  • Scrabble tiles coasters
  • Monopoly money gift tags
  • Game piece jewelry
  • Board game photo frames

Host a Game Night

Finally, if your old board games are still in good condition and you have friends or family who enjoy playing them, consider hosting a game night. This is a fun way to spend time together and revisit some classic games.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to repurpose old board games instead of letting them collect dust. Sell them online, donate them to charity, repurpose them into something new, use them for crafts, or host a game night with friends and family. With these ideas, you can give your old board games a new lease on life.