What Is the Compartment in the Valve Index For?

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By Monica Bates

Valve Index is a popular virtual reality headset that has gained a lot of attention since its release. It is known for its high-quality display, accurate tracking, and comfortable design.

However, one feature that often leaves users curious is the compartment present in the front of the headset. In this article, we will explore what this compartment in the Valve Index is for.

What Is the Valve Index Compartment?

The Valve Index has a small compartment located on the front of the headset. This compartment can be opened by pressing a button located at the top of it. Once opened, you will see a small slot where you can insert something.

What Is It Used For?

The compartment in the Valve Index is used to store an accessory called “the Frunk”. The Frunk is an add-on accessory that can be purchased separately and is designed to expand the functionality of your VR headset.

So, what exactly does Frunk do?

The Frunk serves as an additional USB port for your headset. With this accessory, you can connect additional peripherals like cameras or other sensors to your VR system without needing to use your computer’s USB ports. This means that you’ll have more ports available for other devices like keyboards, mice, or external hard drives.

Additionally, the Frunk can also be used to charge your headset’s controllers. This means that you can charge your controllers directly from your headset while using it. The Frunk also comes with a USB-C cable that allows you to connect it directly to your computer or laptop if needed.

How Do You Install Frunk?

To install Frunk on your Valve Index, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your Valve Index is turned off.
  • Open the compartment on the front of the headset.
  • Insert the Frunk accessory into the slot, making sure that it is securely in place.
  • Close the compartment.
  • Connect the USB-C cable to your Frunk and then connect it to your computer or laptop.

The Bottom Line

The Valve Index’s compartment is not just for show. It serves as an important feature that expands the functionality of your VR headset.

With the Frunk accessory, you can easily connect additional peripherals and charge your controllers while using your headset. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade to your VR system, consider purchasing the Valve Index Frunk accessory!