What Time Are the NFL Wild Card Games?

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By Ralph Torres

If you’re a fan of the National Football League (NFL), you won’t want to miss the Wild Card games. These highly anticipated games are some of the most exciting and unpredictable matchups of the year. But what time do they start?

What are the NFL Wild Card Games?

The Wild Card round is the first round of the NFL playoffs. It features four games, two in each conference, between four teams that didn’t win their division but still have a shot at the Super Bowl. The winners of these games move on to face the top two seeds in each conference.

When Are the NFL Wild Card Games?

This year’s Wild Card games will take place on Saturday, January 9th and Sunday, January 10th.

Saturday, January 9th

  • The Indianapolis Colts will face off against the Buffalo Bills at 1:05 pm ET
  • The Seattle Seahawks will take on the Los Angeles Rams at 4:40 pm ET

Sunday, January 10th

  • The Baltimore Ravens will play against the Tennessee Titans at 1:05 pm ET
  • The Chicago Bears will battle it out with the New Orleans Saints at 4:40 pm ET

How to Watch the NFL Wild Card Games?

The NFL Wild Card games will be broadcast on various networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN/ABC simulcast, and Nickelodeon (yes, you read that right!). Check your local listings to see which network will be airing which game.

In Conclusion..

Now that you know what time and date to tune in for these exciting matchups, make sure to grab your snacks and settle in for a weekend full of football. Who knows which teams will come out on top and advance to the next round? One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a thrilling ride!