What Xbox 360 Games Work With Kinect?

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By Monica Bates

What Xbox 360 Games Work With Kinect?

If you own an Xbox 360 and are looking to enhance your gaming experience, Kinect is a great addition. With its motion-sensing technology, Kinect allows you to control games using your body movements and voice commands. But before you dive into the world of Kinect gaming, it’s important to know which Xbox 360 games are compatible with this innovative device.

What is Kinect?

Kinect is a motion-sensing input device developed by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 console. It uses a combination of cameras and sensors to track your movements, allowing you to interact with games in a whole new way. Whether you want to kick a virtual soccer ball or fight off enemies with your bare hands, Kinect brings your actions into the game.

Xbox 360 Games Compatible with Kinect

If you’re wondering which Xbox 360 games work with Kinect, we’ve got you covered. Here are some popular titles that support this motion-sensing technology:

  • Dance Central: Get ready to showcase your dance moves as you follow along with on-screen choreography. Dance Central is a rhythm-based game that utilizes Kinect’s full-body tracking capabilities. Just dance like nobody’s watching!
  • Fruit Ninja Kinect: Ever wanted to slice flying fruits like a ninja? Fruit Ninja Kinect transforms this fantasy into reality. Use your hands as virtual swords and slice through fruits while avoiding bombs. It’s an addictively fun experience!
  • Kinect Sports: If you’re into sports, look no further than Kinect Sports.

    This game offers various sports activities such as soccer, bowling, tennis, and more. Swing your arms or kick your legs to compete against friends or the computer.

  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved: Looking for a way to stay fit while gaming? Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is the perfect solution. With Kinect, you can perform virtual workouts, track your progress, and even receive personalized training tips.
  • Child of Eden: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing audiovisual experience with Child of Eden. This unique game combines music, rhythm, and shooting elements. Use your hands to Target and eliminate enemies while enjoying stunning visuals.

How to Check Kinect Compatibility

If you have an Xbox 360 game in your collection and are unsure whether it’s compatible with Kinect, there’s an easy way to find out. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Insert the game disc into your Xbox 360 console.
  2. Navigate to the game’s main menu or settings.
  3. Look for an option related to Kinect settings or controls.
  4. If you find any Kinect-specific options, it means that the game supports Kinect functionality. You’re good to go!

Alternatively, you can also refer to the game’s packaging or online description for information regarding Kinect compatibility.


Kinect opens up a new world of gaming on the Xbox 360 console. With its motion-sensing technology, you can become more immersed in games and enjoy a unique gaming experience.

From dancing to exercising and everything in between, there are plenty of Xbox 360 games that work with Kinect. So grab your controller-free gaming device and start exploring the exciting world of Kinect!