Who Manufactures the Valve Index?

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By Eric Wilson

If you’re interested in purchasing a Valve Index virtual reality (VR) headset, you may be wondering who manufactures it. The Valve Index is a high-end VR headset that offers an immersive experience, and it’s important to know who is behind its creation.

Valve Corporation

The Valve Index is manufactured by Valve Corporation, a video game development and digital distribution company based in Bellevue, Washington. Founded in 1996, Valve is responsible for the creation of popular video games such as Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead. In recent years, the company has also ventured into hardware development with the creation of the Steam Controller and Steam Link.

Collaboration with HTC

While Valve Corporation is responsible for the design and development of the Valve Index headset itself, they have collaborated with HTC for the production and distribution of the device. HTC is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company that specializes in smartphones and VR headsets.

The collaboration between Valve and HTC began in 2015 with the release of the HTC Vive headset. The Vive was developed by HTC but was powered by SteamVR technology created by Valve. The success of this partnership led to further collaboration between the two companies on the development of the Valve Index.

Features of the Valve Index

The Valve Index offers several features that make it stand out from other VR headsets on the market. These include:

  • A high-resolution display with a refresh rate of 120Hz
  • Advanced optics for clearer visuals
  • Improved audio quality with built-in speakers and microphone
  • Support for room-scale VR experiences using external sensors
  • Compatibility with both SteamVR and Viveport platforms

Pricing and Availability

The Valve Index is currently priced at $999 for the full kit, which includes the headset, controllers, and external sensors. It is also available in a headset-only option for $499, or a controller-only option for $279.

As of writing this article, the Valve Index is currently out of stock on the official Valve website due to high demand. However, it is still available for purchase through third-party retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.


In conclusion, the Valve Index is manufactured by Valve Corporation in collaboration with HTC. The headset offers several features that make it a popular choice for VR enthusiasts, and it is currently available for purchase through various retailers. If you’re interested in high-end virtual reality experiences, the Valve Index may be worth considering.