Who Won the Wild Card Games Yesterday?

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By Ralph Torres

Yesterday, the excitement was at its peak as we witnessed the Wild Card Games of baseball. The fans were eagerly waiting to see which teams would make it to the next round. Let’s take a look at which teams won their games yesterday.

American League Wild Card Game

In the American League Wild Card Game, we saw the New York Yankees playing against the Boston Red Sox. Both teams have a fierce rivalry and have met each other in several playoff games.

The game started with both teams scoring runs, but in the end, it was the Boston Red Sox who emerged victorious with a score of 6-2. They will now advance to play against Tampa Bay Rays in the Division Series.

National League Wild Card Game

In the National League Wild Card Game, we saw St. Louis Cardinals competing against Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cardinals had an impressive record in September and were looking to continue their winning streak.

However, it was not meant to be as they lost to Dodgers by a score of 3-1. The Dodgers will now advance to play against San Francisco Giants in the Division Series.


It was an exciting day for baseball fans as they saw two thrilling Wild Card Games yesterday. Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers came out as winners and will now move forward to compete in their respective Division Series.

If you missed watching these games live, you can catch up on highlights and analysis on various sports channels or online platforms. Stay tuned for more updates on baseball playoffs!